Higher Purpose Based Leadership – Shifting to the Next Level (Workshops & Training)

Are you interested in custom designed programs helping organizations/individuals to articulate Purpose and Create Passion for High Performance?

Or Mid and Top Management Development Programs with a focus on developing individual and team effectiveness, building a performance oriented culture and manage change?

I have the answers. Any leadership development starts with self-awareness and discovery of your unique gifts as well as your wounds. Only people who have understood their vulnerability and their unique superpowers and talents can lead with charisma.

Only leaders who understand how the human brain works and its implications for motivation, learning and resilience can be inspirational over a sustainable period of time.




Personal and Professional Shift – Getting Ready for a New Role or Change as an Individual (Executive and Team Coaching)

The most effective individual coaching programs building on the latest results is neuroscience, positive psychology and a decade of world-class research of successful entrepreneurs and leaders.

I believe that only leaders who care about sustainable well-being can be effective in leading teams to exceptional results.

You are one human being with a professional and private identity. Your Best Self includes both and in order to be in your Zone of Genius you need to integrate Beauty, Meaning and Professional Knowledge to really succeed.

We use Neuroscience, Art/Being  and Business tools to help you find your Leadership Identity that will elevate you to a new normal.


Making the Shift in Sales – High Performance Sales Mindset (Training; Coaching & Consulting)

Focusing on the Mindset – and getting greater results through the “Why-factor”. Sales and Customer Experience programs with a focus on measurable behavior and KPI changes to achieve desired business results.

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Higher Purpose Works...

Higher Purpose produces miracles. It creates meaning, produces engagement and motivation and elevates business results. I own and manage Purpose & Company a global training and coaching company with offices in New York, Budapest and with a global coverage focused in the United States. I bring a unique blend of professionalism that reaches from Art to Business and from Business to Science. I am a Trusted Advisor but also a Friend and Parent. I have been uniquely successful in my field of profession in Business. I deeply care for the future of our planet and whether or not our children will live in a sustainable world or not.

Our learning process in based on the notion of the NEW DEAL™. We teach leaders to Discover their personal higher Purpose, how to find their voice, speak and Embody it in every day  contexts at work and in life, Achieve exceptional results in key contexts like performance management, building high performance teams or as an influencer in key negotiation moments all while teaching how to make this Last. A Lasting Legacy is key. Any results are only meaningful if they are sustainable and we all want to leave this world in a better place that we came into it…


That’s the New D.E.A.L.™ process.


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