my Bio

Mickey has been the Managing Director and Sales Director at major multinational companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Aegis and Deloitte and served in various executive level roles across Europe. Apart from managing Purpose & Company in the US he also serves as the Executive Director for The International Association for Generative Change, a global organization founded by Robert Dilts and Steve Gilligan. His passion and mission is to help others find Meaning in their life and reach exceptional results. He is engaged in a lifelong battle against isolationism, intolerance and hatred.  Mickey’s clients include some the largest multinationals of the world such as Microsoft; GE; Vodafone and Mondelez. He has an MA in psychology and MBA in international management from Case Western University. He is a Master Practitioner; Consultant and Trainer certified by the prestigious NLPU in California. He is also a Generative Coach certified by the IAGC in Paris, France. A father of two he enjoys martial arts and meditation as two very important life tools.