Mickey has a tremendous passion to engage and develop people. My experience under his guidance was incredibly enlightening and has impacted my career as well as my life in general. If you have the opportunity to work with Mickey, you will be impressed with his presence and insight. I look forward to my next opportunity to work with him.
— Travis Sands Technology Leader GE
Earlier this year I had the pleasure to attend a training class provide by Mickey. Throughout my career I have attend a number of classes, seminars, retreats both with a personal and business focus. The difference that Mickey brings is that he understands and focuses on the fact that good leaders are people too. His focus on both parts will only make better leaders in the future. Through his style, experience, and approach he is able to brings the class and participants to better place than any other class I have attended.

I would highly recommend Mickey to anyone looking to strengthen their leadership team or those that want to build their next generation of leaders.
— Todd Bibler, CTO at CNG Holdings
I have worked with Mickey A. Feher and his team of consultants for a period of two years within the frame of a complex sales effectiveness program across 4 countries.
I have been impressed with two things in particular. Firstly, the executive managerial capabilities of Miklós as he was steering a group of consultants to deliver a seamlessly high quality of service across the countries. Secondly, the fact that they bought in and applied top of the class learning solutions which represented the latest thinking in the market. All this was embedded in a long-term process which engaged and involved several layers of management from top to bottom aiming at long term sustainability of the positive effects the program achieved. We have seen some measurable improvements in both sales results and employee engagement. I highly recommend him and his team other businesses and would consider working with them in the future as well.
— Remi Bastien, CEO Limagrain, Europe


About Me

I am a Global Entrepreneur with 17 years experience is sales management and leadership. Extensive experience as a leader, coach and trainer in major leadership development and sales transformation projects and change management initiatives in a variety of sectors (Finance, ITC, FMCG, Pharma and Service/Contact Centers). Clients include large MNCs like Kraft, GE, Vodafone, Pfizer and SMEs.